International Exhibition of Waste Management Recycling & The Related Industry & Machinery


Wednesday, December 6, 2017 to Saturday, December 9, 2017
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Iran with the annual generation of 20,000,000 tons of garbage and daily generation of 700 grams of waste per capita produces thirty thousand tons of garbage more than the global average.
While only 5% of the waste generated is recycled and only 2% of the remaining waste is landfilled hygienically, the rest is buried without any change.

For instance in Teheran (the capital of Iran) 50,000 tons of garbage is generated daily from which 46,000 tons (equivalent to 264,000 $) is landfilled.

All this has led to the country's annual income potential of 500,000,000 dollars in the field of garbage recycling for the recycling companies and other related businesses.

This huge amount of unrecycled waste has turned Iran into a rich country in terms of waste and garbage and by facilitating the rules, the government and municipalities have created proper conditions for the presence and activity of different companies.
Considering the above, Nikatis Co. Will be holding the IWEX exhibition with the presence of prestigious companies from Asia, Europe and South America from– to– in Tehran, Iran.
Scientific, business and also B2B meetings and conferences happening alongside with the exhibition will undoubtedly create considerable opportunities for trade exchanges, discussions, interlocution and improving knowledge in the lucrative field of "recycling" in Iran.
Joining this exhibition, the participants will find business opportunities in the untapped Iranian recycling market, under the subcategories of collection, recycling and hygienic landfilling.

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