The Int'l Exhibition of Edible Oil, Oil seeds, Related Products, Machinery (seedex)


Wednesday, November 22, 2017 to Saturday, November 25, 2017
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In today's world, oilseeds have specific importance and value among agricultural products. This high value is due to important food products made from them and also the very benefits they have in reducing the risk of heart disease and breast cancer, better digestion and metabolism, and providing essential fatty acids- Omega 3.
One of the most important usage of these seeds is using them for producing oil which is mostly extracted from soybeans, cottonseeds, olives, sunflowers, canola, safflower, peanuts, palm, sesame, corn, and coconut.

In the recent decade, due to the rise of consumption and the need for vegetable oil in Iran, the production of sunflower oil has risen to 68%, soy and canola to 200% and palm to 260%
Vegetable oils are so popular in Iran. In a way that per capita consumption of vegetable oils 20 kg while this rate is 12 kgworldwide.
Iran as one of the countries with high rate of vegetable oils consumption imports 95% of its needs from various countries. Although the government with the provision of new laws and regulations, as well as supporting the producers to import and utilize modern devices and agricultural machineries and also guaranteeing purchasing of oilseeds products, has encouraged the farmers to have more scientific cultivations and productions.
The import of oilseeds and their products has made Iran into a lucrative market which attracts many countries. This huge amount of oilseeds and their products' import has made Iran a lucrative market which attracts many producer countries. Government's attention, on the other hand, to increase in production and creating jobs and the adoption of supportive laws and also the importance of using modern agricultural machinery and subsidies in recent years have made oilseeds industry become a profitable market for domestic and foreigner agricultural machinery manufacturers and farmers.
Nikatis Co. by holding the international exhibition of edible oil, oilseeds, and related products, machineries and industries (November 22-25, 2017) in Tehran-Iran, seminars, conferences and, B2B meetings, and introducing investment opportunities has provided a proper opportunities for domestic and foreigner experts, manufacturers, producers, investees, investors, sellers and purchasers to reach their part in this lucrative market and to have effective improvement in all related industries.

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