The 26th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition


Wednesday, August 23, 2017 to Tuesday, August 29, 2017
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Iran Confair is a standout amongst the most renowned Iran Handmade Carpet Exhibition is one of the world's most imperative and greatest occasions in workmanship/industry of high quality floor coverings. This presentation is an expert feature in showing and giving carefully assembled floor coverings. Iran National Carpet Center, as the support and coordinator of this vital occasion, gives exceptional offices and alternatives to outside specialists who are dynamic in high quality cover division. A year ago exchange guests from South Africa, Japan, Croatia, Brazil, India, Germany, Denmark, Serbia, Romania, Uruguay, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, UAE, China, Kuwait and Sweden among different nations partaken in this show.

Persian carefully assembled cover other than great position in craftsmanship and culture is considered as extravagance items with high esteem which have been decorated all royal residences, galleries and private houses far and wide. 

Persian Carpet Grand display is being held yearly at the Tehran changeless carnival which numerous originators, craftsmen, makers, exporters and retailer will go to in a space over than 45000 square meters. 

More than 40000 guests including merchants, specialists and inspired by Persian carefully assembled cover from Iran and different nations visit this display. 

The 26th Persian cover fantastic display as a novel occasion in the field of Persian high quality cover will be held from 23-29 August 2017. 

Iran National Carpet Center plans to bolster exchange and successful presentation of Persian carefully assembled cover as a craftsmanship industry, welcomes agents and other individuals required in cover business to go to at this significant occasion from various nations. 

In the event that your exercises are in high quality cover field and intrigued by to visit the display, generously request that you fill the appended application shape and send us by return email (before July 20/2017) for audit and further activity. 

For online enrollment, please allude to the English page of our site ( and finish the application shape.

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