the First International Congress on law


Thursday, September 21, 2017 to Friday, September 22, 2017
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Professor Iraj Golduzian, scientific secretary of the International Congress of Iranian law, one of the famous Iranian lawyers, said: for the first time with the support of universities and executive institutions, a magnificent and comprehensive event will be held in Tehran with the participation of best Iranian jurists, the presence of international guests from international legal institutions and invitation for national authorities including the President. The necessity of holding this event for the country in this year has been doubled because of the consideration and announcement of the civil rights by the current government and emphasizing on legal oversight.

He continued: " the First International Congress on law in Iran with a vision to monitoring the legal and civil rights " aimed at strengthening the monitoring and enforcement of laws to empower and improving the effectiveness of executive institutions in legal matters since introducing the latest theories and scientific achievements and comment exchange, with the support of universities and state executive institutions will be held in September this year.


professor Iraj Golduzian said: "this congress has a quite specialized and applied vision on problems of law by holding a large number of panels, professional meetings, workshops and presentations by the experts in the field, with various topics in the field of international rights, citizen and civil rights and criminal law in the side halls of Milad Tower; also awarding valid, specialized and relevant certifications in different sectors is planned. The other program of the event as a distinctive section and the opportunity to showcase the achievements and abilities is the presentations of the achievements of distinguished law.

He added that the congress is planned for a period of 5 consecutive years until 2022 that in each period the main focus will be on the one of the law technical issues; also on the opening ceremony of this congress, the future periods principles will be announced in the presence of lawyers, national authorities and the media companions.

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