Tehran Parsian Evin Hotel
Evin Crossroad, Chamran Highway
Phone: 021-44151435
35° 47' 20.85" N, 51° 23' 27.2652" E

Hotel Details

Number of stars: 
4 Stars
Average: 4 (1 vote)


Situated in a favorably climatic area in the north of Tehran with a unique view of the Alborz Mountain, the four-star Parsian Evin hotel is a great accommodation choice for those who travel the capital city of Tehran with great facilities and equipment to fulfill the needs of its guests.


Here people can enjoy great services the hotel offers ranging from fantastic rooms and suites to luxurious restaurant and café serving a variety of tasty foods and beverages in a relaxing environment which makes them have relaxing moments. In particular, the hotel is equipped with a special pool restaurant consisting open pool and space in addition to beautiful fountain which multiplies the pleasure of having foods.

Surrounding Attractions:

Being in a well-positioned place with easy access to main highways of the city, the hotel provides a good chance for travelers to have easy access to city center, airport and many popular attractions in Tehran including museums and historical monuments.